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January 16, 2010

Another birthday party

We were supposed to go to a birthday party this morning, but it got canceled and moved to another date because the poor birthday boy is sick. Since we had the morning free, we decided to meet up with my friends and their kids at the gym for a playdate. The kids had a blast. I was not able to get any good photos because they were running around non-stop for almost 2 hours. This was the only good photo I managed to get.

After a short nap this afternoon, we headed over to another gym for Avery's birthday party (she turned 3). Here's a video of DD having fun at the birthday party.

A photo of all of the kids who attended the party.

The birthday girl! Avery and her mommy.
At some point, we realized that DD and Avery were wearing the same shoes (so was Kaira, but I did not get a chance to get a photo of her before she left)
Their kitty shoes were kissing one another. ROFL! By the way, these shoes made by Polliwalks are awesome (I will be doing a review and a giveaway for them in the near future). In fact, I love these shoes so much that I managed to get almost all of the moms in the playgroup to buy 2 to 3 pairs each for their kids -- 29 pairs of shoes total !!! I kid you not!
DD had a blast at Avery's birthday party today. We have another birthday party to attend tomorrow so I will be posting more photos again. Because we have been attending so many birthday parties, DD has been asking about her birthday party too (I haven't planned out all of the details). DH and I were having a conversation about birthday parties in general. It seems that all of the moms around here go all out for their kids birthday parties every year. I wonder if it's the same else where too.

My mommy readers, are you giving your child a birthday party this year? Are you going to as many birthday parties as we are?


Anonymous said...

My daughters birthday is in April im gonna buy her a pair of bubblegum Ladybug Polliwalks unless I can win them I've been trying in every giveaway I see!

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