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December 30, 2009

Playdate is great on a rainy day

We had planned to meet up with our friends at the park today. Then, my friend Nancy called me to inform me that it was raining (I slept in this morning, so I had no clue). We could not take the kids to the park because of the rain. Since the kids already knew about the park playdate and they were expecting to see their friends, we decided to meet up at Nancy's house instead. The rain did not stop the kids from having fun indoors, of course. Nancy and baby Ryan.
The kids played and when we got hungry, we decided to call for pizza instead of dragging all of the kids out to the rain to grab food.
The kids had a blast playing with each other & I had a wonderful time hanging out with the mommies for some much needed adult conversations ^_^.
OMG, I just realized that even though DD is the youngest, she is actually the tallest. Leila (center) is 1 year older than DD. Savahanna (on the right) is 2 months older than DD. Sometimes I forget what a giant my daughter is!


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