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December 28, 2009

My final cake! Hooray!

I finished last class of course 1 of cake making today! This is what my final cake looks like. Each course has 4 lessons. In the first lesson, I learned how to cover my cake with icing. It was not hard, but it took a long time to cover my cake with icing and make sure everything is nice and smooth. In the second class, I learned how to do some borders. Then, in the third class, we started learning how to do the beginning part of a rose with more borders. Finally, today, we learned how to do the rest of rose and shell borders. Don't worry, this is not a month old cake :P. I made a new cake for each class every week. I could not believe how hard it was to make the rose, it took me an hour to make these 5 sad little roses. I remember watching a cake decorating show and they make it look so easy. Well, as someone who has just tried making the roses, I can assure you that it is not easy at all. I now have a new found respect for people who make cakes with pretty roses on them. I am starting course 2 next week. We will be learning how to make a cake with basket borders and also learning a lot of other flowers. I am excited but also a bit nervous because I am pretty horrible at making roses so I don't know if I will be bad at making the other flowers too.


Amy said...

Looks great. I've always wanted to learn to do that!

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