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December 23, 2009

Lunch with daddy and cooking with mommy

For lunch today, we took DD out to lunch. Whenever we go out to eat together as a family, DD always wants to sit with her daddy, today was no exception. DH watched on as DD played with her toys. Going out to eat with toys is a good thing.
After we got home from lunch, DD and I made some dessert together. My friend Lara had given me a recipe for making candy cane chocolate. I took the wrappings off 1 dozen candy canes, and DD used a hammer to smash them into little pieces.
Holding up the bag to show me what a great job she did.
We then went into the house to start making dessert.
We melted 1 bag of white chocolate, and then we added the candy canes.
After we were done mixing everything, I gave the spoon to DD and she was not too sure about licking it at first.
One lick and she was in heaven!
Look at the smile on her face.
ROFL! I think she wished that she could put the entire spoon into her mouth.
White chocolate and candy cane. Yum, yum!
I pour the white chocolate with candy cane on a cookie sheet and then put it in the fridge to harden it. After 30 minutes, I broke it into little pieces. It actually tasted pretty good. DD loves it, DH thought it was too sweet and I have to agree with him. I think it will be good with a cup of hot tea or coffee though :).
DD got so tired of standing up, she eventually sat down to finish licking the spoon. LOL!


Joy (When Does Daddy Come Home?!) said...

I think that is so delicious! I like it with milk chocolate and crushed candy cane, too!

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