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December 23, 2009

Holiday playdate

Because we live in a small condo, so we don't have much room for a christmas tree. But, every year we put out the christmas tree DD brought for me from our first christmas together. It's amazing that the tree has been with us for this long and is still in excellent condition. Here's the tree at night. We hope that if and when we have a house we will be able to put up a large tree.
This past Monday, we had our friends over for a holiday lunch playdate. Here's Lara and baby Emily.
The kids playing in the back patio.

Debra was baby sitting Eva for a friend.
The moms and kids. I love that everyone in our small group of moms believe in baby wearing and nursing. I know that these things are personal preferences and I am certainly not saying that one is better than another, but I think it's nice that we all see eye to eye on these issues.
DD and Avery getting dressed up. How cute are they!

We exchange christmas gifts. As soon as the kids saw candy, they went nuts!

We had a wonderful time having our friends over for a holiday playdate!


Joy (When Does Daddy Come Home?!) said...

I breastfeed and wear the baby too!

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