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December 19, 2009

Fun with Meimei

This past Wednesday night DD had a work dinner to attend. So, DD and I met up with Jessica and her kids at Soup Plantation for a dinner playdate. I took a couple of pictures of the kids because the girls were having so much fun together playing with James' Nintendo DS even though they had no idea what they were doing.

I wonder if DD is going to grow up to be a gamer or a game designer like DH. Will be she following her daddy's foot steps?
Last night I was telling DH about a product that came in the mail for me to write a review about. I was so excited about this particular product that I interrupted his game playing to tell him all about it. While I was going on and on about how awesome this product was, DD had wondered into the room and started listening to our conversation. When I was finally done talking, I looked at DH and asked him what he thought. I got no reaction from him what so ever! Out of no way, in a very excited voice, DD said "That's wonderful, mommy! So Great! Tell me more." When I heard that I laughed uncontrollably, DD is too cute for words!


Debbie Beedge said...

She could follow in both your footsteps and write a blog about gaming : )

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