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December 14, 2009

Fun weekend with Daddy

DD loves the weekends because she gets to spend a lot of quality time with her daddy. DH works so hard during the week that he only gets to see DD for a couple hours each night, but the weekend is totally reserved to do fun things together as a family.

On Saturday morning, we took DD to Lowe's for its Build & Grow event where DD made 2 Christmas ornaments. It was raining pretty hard on Saturday and being in Southern California, we are not used to the rain at all.
DH getting the craft ready for DD.
Hammering away. If you think this is dangerous, the answer is yes. DD has hammered her daddy fingers before. LOL!

Showing off her work... Of course, I have no idea why she had to push it right to my face to show me, so I could not get a good photo. Why do kids do things like that? LOL!
Putting the stickers on her little wooden Christmas tree.
Look at wet the ground was.
On Sunday, we spent most of the day at home doing house work. That was no fun at all :P. DH did take us out to lunch though. Here's DD showing her daddy how to properly play with her toys.
We always travel with a bag of toys so that DD can keep herself busy while we wait for our meal to arrive.


Joy (When Does Daddy Come Home?!) said...

That is so fun! I think Home Depot also has workshops

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