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December 28, 2009

Christmas photos

We went to grandparents' house for Christmas eve. It's their family tradition to open gifts on that night, so that's what we did. Even though this was DD's third Christmas, she still needed her daddy's help opening gifts. DD ripped off pieces of the wrapping paper and then her daddy would unwrap the rest for her.
Her favorite gift this year was a puzzle set that came from the 99 cent store. That just goes to show you that kids don't need expensive gifts to have fun.
DD played with her puzzles for hours (putting it together and taking it apart over and over again).
On Christmas day, we went to DH's sister's house for lunch. Here's DD all ready to leave the house. She refused to give up her Kimochis kitty.

We did not want her to take her Kimochis kitty because she won't go to sleep without it, and the last thing we need is for her to lose her cat. So, we ended up allowing her to take her mermaid to the Christmas lunch.
Diana's dog, baby, was locked out the whole time we were there. Poor thing!
After we had our lunch, DD decided that it was time to burn off her energy by dancing around in the living room.


Dee said...

She's adorable! Great pictues!

Joy (When Does Daddy Come Home?!) said...

Amen about the puzzles! I got each of my older girls a jigsaw puzzle as well. They were such a huge hit that I know the dollar store is going to be frequented for puzzle gifts for years to come! AND... all of my preschooler's friends will be getting them for birthdays as well.

I think they even sell Disney princess ones if your little girl is into that!

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