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November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving park playdate

My friend Jessica's son does not have school this week but she's teaching, so I am baby sitting him for a few days. Jessica dropped him off yesterday morning before she went off to work. And I took both kids to the park to meet up with my other mommy's group.

DD having fun trying everything out at the park.

After some running around, DD got to make a Turkey (thanks to Jilleen for bring the supplies).

Look at all of the moms and kids doing their crafts.

Finishing up her turkey.

In the end, DD lost interest, so I finished it for her.

She would rather play with her friend than finishing her craft project.

This picture was taken just a couple of minutes before she fell.

I don't know why my child is so fascinated by pine cones. Anyhow, she found one at the park and was running around with it in her hand. I warned her that it was not safe and asked her to toss it out. She refused and only a few minutes later, she fell with it in her hand. She tried to stop the fall with her hands but because she was holding the pine cone, she got hurt pretty bad. The pine cone got pushed into her hand. She now has a hole in her hand with lots of skin missing. Luckily, I always have a first aid kit in my car, so I was able to clean up her hand and wrap in bandage. Poor baby!


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