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November 20, 2009

Gymnastics & Pirate Playdate

I took DD to her gymnastics class and I took a couple of photos to share ^_^. Her coach spoke to me after class to let me know how well DD is doing. I was so happy to hear that she's having fun in her class and improving as well.

This week, we also met up with some moms & kids at the park for a pirate playdate. I picked up some pirate related crafts for the kids to work on & Debra buried some treasures in the sand for the kids to dig out.
The girls were so cute pushing the swings.
After running around at the park, the kids sat down for some pirate crafts.
Debra helping her little girl, Kia.
Here's Nichelle and her daughter.
DD showing off the crafts she made.
Even baby Mikey wants to be a pirate.


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