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November 5, 2009

Fun craft & dinner with Daddy

After Gymnastics class today, we grabbed lunch and came home. It has been awhile since DD got to do a craft (although I guess she does a lot of painting and drawing at school), I decided to give her something to work on. Yay, fall leaves!
Craft time is completed when she got to display her work on our fridge.
DH stayed home from work today (he has a cold) and I was not feeling well myself, so instead of making dinner, DH offered to take us out.
To keep DD busy while we wait for our meal, we brought some toys and coloring supplies with us.
She drew many many happy faces.
I ordered pineapple curry beef & it was yummy!
DD loved the fried squid (I think it's the Asian in her).
DH ordered the pineapple curry chicken (what can I say, great minds think alike). LOL!


Anonymous said...

I recognize that craft!!! Glad Peanut enjoyed it!...and looks like you had a nice dinner too!

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