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November 25, 2009

Disneyland Tuesday & Park Playdate

I took DD to Disneyland yesterday. I thought that because it is Thanksgiving week, it would be pretty quiet. I was soooo wrong. I am not going to make this mistake again next year! It took me about 30 minutes just to park my car-- I think this was when I should have just turned around. Of course, since DD has been wanting to go on "Jack's ride" for weeks now, and has been asking for me to take her, I thought I would just suffer through it and get us there.

Jack's ride is the Hunted Mansion, DD just calls it that because of Jack from "Nightmare before Christmas." We waited for 20 minutes in line to go on the ride. DD was bored because we haven't waited this long for a ride for months now. Luckily, I packed some snacks for her to eat, so that kept her busy during the wait.

After the ride, we tried to grab lunch and we could not even find an empty table to sit at. I told DD that we will have to visit another day. The nice thing about having an annual pass is that we can spending 2 hours there and go home & it wouldn't be a complete waste. On our way out, DD saw the Queen from Snow White. She got to take a photo with the Queen so she was happy. I don't know why DD was making such a weird face. It made me laugh when I uploaded the photos though, I thought DD looked pretty wicked too. LOL!

Because we did not stay long at Disneyland, we were able to meet up with our friends at the park in the afternoon.

The kids made Thanksgiving hats out of paper.

We love crafts!

More glue, more glue, and more glue.


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