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October 30, 2009

Harvest day fun!

What a busy day we had today! It all started very early in the morning, I took DD to preschool for Harvest Day celebration!

To help the kids with the event, her class has been doing a lot of fun crafts earlier this week.
A couple of moms signed up to bring snacks for the kids for today's special celebration. I brought fruit and vegetable crackers (you know, the healthy stuff). Another mom actually made this amazing looking cake for DD's class. I was impressed!
The kids got to do a parade so show off their costumes. Here's DD with one of her teachers.
Then all of the kids got together to sing harvest songs. It was so adorable. Can you find DD in the photo?
After all that fun at DD's school, I went to Old Navy to do some shopping. Mostly I went there because DH requested for a few things. To my surprised, Old Navy was having a huge sale. All sales items were additional 50% off, and then if you were the first 50 customer with an Old Navy Credit card, you got another additional 50% off everything in the store. I ended up buying stuff for myself, DD, DH, my cousin's baby, and my bff's 3 daughters. I ended up getting 46 pieces of clothes, 2 Halloween candle sets, 3 pairs of flop flips as well as 1 Halloween costume (for DD to wear next year) all for $88. Wooohoooo!
In the afternoon, I picked DD up from school and we headed stright to DH's work for their special trick treating event.
A lot of offices went all out decorating everything. DH led DD around. We only walked through 2 floors in one of the buildings and DD filled up her bucket twice! She was loving the fact that people just gave her candy. A couple of people wanted to give her extra candy just because they love her costume (we nicely declined, of course). LOL!
In the end, DD was leading the way and telling her daddy "More candy! more candy!"
After 2 buckets full of candy, it was time for us to head out. I never got a chance to get a photo of the awesome statue in front of the company main entrance, so I thought we would get a few in before we leave. If you have been to my house, there is a small version of the exact same thing (also made of bronze) sitting in our family room.
See, I was there too!
We had a lot of fun trick treating at DH's company! Just look at our smiles!
As soon as we were done at DH's work, we drove straight to Angela's house for playdate. DH (in black) and Katie (in pink princesses dress) was playing with Angela's husband. I was really impressed by how good he was with the kids-- although I remember thinking that the last time I met him too.
At the end of the playdate, the kids were exhausted and some of them decided that the best place to hang out was the staircase.
After a couple hours of fun at Angela's house, we were ready to head home. DD could not wait to get her pumpkin out of the car and display it in our house. (DD got the pumpkin from school, apparently each kid got to pick one up from the pumpkin patch they sat up at school today.)
What a fun day we had! We are looking forward to a fun filled day tomorrow too!


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