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October 3, 2009

Dance Class & Construction Day 8

I took DD to her dance class today. She is starting to do better in class, so I am glad that our money was not a complete a waste. The first part of class was ballet.
The second part of the class was tap.

Her teacher is very good at dealing with bunch of cranky kids early Saturday mornings.
Showing DD the steps.
So there is this mom who always sits next to me while we wait for our kids to finish their class. She has the longest hair on her legs! I mean, seriously, what woman grows out her leg hairs that long. Today I caught several other moms checking her legs out. I took this picture of her leg. I know it's not very clear, but I could not make it too obvious. I will try to get a better photo if I can. I wonder how long she has been growing the hair on her legs...
Sergio and his crew worked from 8:30 AM until 6:45 today, and they still did not get everything they wanted to get done. Sergio did managed to put in the filler for the cabinet though.
The granite countertop has been installed too. Yay!
The color for the granite countertop is darker than we like. Sergio assured us that it will look lighter during the day.... I am not sure about that... But since we are planning on moving in a few years, we have learned a very valuable lesson from this construction. We will go and pick the actual pieces of our granite the next time around so we can get the exact color we want.
So far, we are satisfies with what the kitchen looks like. There is still a lot of work to be done. I spoke to Sergio before he left and I told him that he needed to add/fix some the crown moldings on the cabinets next week. He also needs to patch up the walls where there are holes from when the old cabinets got removed.
Instead of taking Sunday off, Sergio is coming back tomorrow to install the kitchen sink (he was supposed to do that today, but he was running behind and did not get a chance to). On Monday, he will pick up our appliances to install them.
We continue to hope that the kitchen will be done in less than 2 weeks.


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