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October 23, 2009

Craft, lizard & first signs of my garden tomatoes

A couple of days ago I made this picture frame (actually, I made 2 of them) so that I can give one to my in laws for Halloween. This was a pretty simple & easy project that I think I will repeat again for Christmas.

I brought a plain wood frame and the premade skull board (also made of wood) from Michael's. The frame was $1 and the skull was $0.69. Then I picked up a can of black spray paint from Walmart for $0.96. I spray painted the frame a couple of times (waited 4 hours in between coats) and then simply hot glued the skull on. The photo was taken early this week while we were at Disneyland. I had it printed at Costco for $0.19. After I was all done, I have DD's Halloween photo in a cute (& totally reusable for next year) photo frame for only a couple of dollars. By the way, for anyone who might want to try this easy project, I am pretty certain that it took me less than half can of the spray paint to properly coat 2 frames front & back.
This morning DH discovered a lizard strolling in DD's bathroom. I am not sure how it made its way there, but DH caught it to release it back to the wild. Too bad DD was already at school when this happened, she would have been very happy to see a live lizard hanging out inside of our house.
First tomatoe on our tomato plant. Hooray!
And the second baby tomatoe is coming in too!
Even my green onion is growing well! (My sweet basil in the background is being attacked by some unknown creature or creatures. I think all of the leaves are going to get eaten up in no time. So sad.)


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