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October 8, 2009

Construction Day 12 & Day 13

Day 12

Sorry, no new photos because the kitchen pretty much looks the same....

Sergio hooked up the fridge, stove and dish washer today. The morning started out pretty rough. I had called Waste Management to pick up the old appliances today, so I asked Sergio to move the stuff out to the front last night. Sergio did not want to do that. He said that since the trash pick up doesn't usually come until late afternoon, he would move them this morning. Well, guess what, the trash man came at 7 AM this morning. How is that for good luck?! I called Waste Management & found out that we will 2 free pick up a year, and even though I had nothing to be picked up, that counted as one free pick up this morning. ARG! Needless to say, I was pretty irritated with Sergio before he even arrived at the house.

After Sergio showed up this morning, I had to rush to get DD to her gymnastics class. Afterwards, I took her to Costco based on Sergio's recommendation on buying the cabinets' knobs at Costco. To my dismay, I discovered that all of the Costco stores in OC were sold out of them and they will not be carrying them in the future. So, even more irritated with Sergio, I decided to get them from Home Depot instead.

I stopped by the house before heading to Home Depot. The moment I walked into the door, Sergio announced that the dish washer is all hooked up & works great. However, the water from the sink facet did not have any pressure. He commented that it must be caused by the plumber changing the water heater because the water leak last week. Ok, I am by no means handy when it comes to any thing around the house, but even I know that there is no way changing the water heater would change the water pressure. As I rush to go to home depot I told him that I am 100% certain the water pressure problem was not caused by the plumber.

DD and I went to Home Depot and got what we needed. Of course, as luck would have it, the nails for the knobs were too short. Apparently, our cabinet doors are extra thick. So, back to Home Depot we went. My second trip to Home Depot proved to be equally useless. The nails were too long. Frustrated, Sergio told me that he will go to Home Depot tomorrow morning to get the correct nails.

Sergio did some minor work, but the microwave is still not installed yet and there is still a bunch of little things need to be taken care. It feels like we are at a standstill. I am sooo over this remodeling thing.

Day 13

Sergio did not show up at 8:00 like he said he would. Around 1 o'clock , he called to tell me that there was a family emergency so he would not be able to make it. We are really at a standstill now :(.


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