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October 7, 2009

Construction Day 11

Sergio & his crew finished the tiles today. Baseboards also got installed. However, the appliances still need to get hooked up. Even though Sergio said that he was going to hook them up tonight, that did not happen. Of course, anyone who has had construction done at their home knows how reliable those type of promises are.
The tiles are uneven at some parts, so the uneven corners of the tiles will get polished tomorrow. Sergio will also put a coating on the tiles. Besides that, he still needs to fix my kitchen window as well as fix the electric outlets. Yeah, he broken half of the outlets in the kitchen so they are no longer functional.


The Mama said...

How did today's construction go?

How are they fixing the corners of the tiles? I have a few tiles that have uneven corners too. I got the same stove, so far I am really happy with it. :-)

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