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October 29, 2009

Being a mermaid...

DD was watching "Finding Nemo" this afternoon. When the scene of Nemo disobeying his father and went toward the boat causing Nemo to be captured by a human came up, I had this brilliant idea of using it as a great educational moment. I paused the movie and sat DD down for a talk about how it is important for her to listen to mommy and daddy. Furthermore, she needs to always stay with one of us when we are in public places so that a bad guy doesn't grab and take her away like what happened to poor Nemo. I told her that we would be very sad if someone took her away, and she would be sad too because she would not be able to see her mommy, daddy and friends again. After my little speech, I asked her if she understood. She nooded her head, and said to me," If bad guy take me, I will be mermaid. I don't know how to be a mermaid!"

ROFL! So thanks to "Finding Nemo," she thinks that if she gets kidnapped, she will be put into a fish tank and have to live her life as a fish (or as a mermaid because she is a person living in a fish tank)! She cracks me up!


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