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September 21, 2009

Planting Tomatoes!

After dinner, we went to the back patio and discovered that there is a little flower on my strawberry plant. Yay! I sure hope this actually makes it into a strawberry because I have yet gotten any strawberries from it since I planted it months ago. The three was us were playing in the dark, having a blast. You must be wondering what the heck DD was doing.
Making shadow puppets. We had so much fun doing that!
After we were done playing, DH got to work and started planting my tomatoes. DD was supposed to help, but she was more fascinated by the stars in the sky.
She got very excited and started screaming when a helicopter flew by. Except, she was screaming, "Space Ship !!!!" LOL! Where does she learn these things ???
Helping her daddy pat down the soil.
We only had enough soil left to plant the tomatoes, so DH is going to pick up more soil this weekend so we can plant the sweet basil & Thai basil then. I will post photos when we are complete done.


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