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September 20, 2009

Hammer hammer time! School bus!

A few weeks ago, DD missed Lowe's Build & Grow because DH went to Blizzcon. The person who is in charge of the craft event at Lowe's was nice enough to save a kit for us. Anyhow, we picked it up last weekend and DH decided to work on it with DD today.

DD getting very excited by the idea of hammering. LOL! DH figuring out where the pieces go.
Is it time to hammer yet?
Yes, it is time to hammer! Yay!
Very happy about making the school bus.
Watching daddy very closely to make sure he does not mess up.
All done! Time to take the bus for a spin.
Saying, "Ooooooooh" about the bus.
Taking the bus up and down the stairs.

The school bus turned out really cute! It was a better quality than most of the toys DD made at Lowe's. We think the bus will probably last a long time-- assuming DD does not lose it first.
Funny stories of DD
Part 1:
While I was making lunch, DH decided that he needed to lay down for a nap. At first, DD was playing in the living room, then she disappeared. It turned out that she had gone upstairs and stood right next to our bed, so that her face will be right on top of her daddy's. DH felt someone breathing on him, so he woke up in shock. To his horror, DD was smiling right at him with her face passing against his and not saying a word. And she was holding a plastic spoon right over DH's face too. DH said he was totally creeped out by her. ROFL! When I heard the story, I told him that it could have been worst, she could have been holding a plastic knife. Hahahaaa!
Part 2:
DD and I nap together on my bed everyday (except for the days she is in preschool). This afternoon, she woke up from her nap and had the biggest smile on her face. Laying next to me, she puts her hands on my face and said to me, " What are you doing here, mommy?" I replied, "This is my bed, what are you doing here?" She responsed with "You woke me up when you opened your eyes." LOL! What? That made not sense what so ever, but it was cute nontheless.


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