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September 29, 2009

Disneyland Fun

We went to Disneyland today for a day of fun! I just love the holiday decorations (Halloween & Christmas) at Disneyland. It was nice to get out of our messy house and leave it all behind to go on rides and see some Disney characters.

On the way to the park, I was able to get a couple of photos and Mickey, Minnie & Donald Duck in their Halloween costumes.
Our first stop was California Adventure. Minnie was by the giant candy corn for photos, so DD got to take a photo with her (I had this print out for free with my Visa free photo discount).
This was the photo I took with my own camera & without the cute Disney frame.
Awwww, it's Mickey's favorite pet!
Yes, we got to take pictures twice with Pluto (although I am pretty sure it's not the same person on the inside of Pluto costume).
After having her pictures taken, we went on Monsters Inc. DD had been watching the movie and so she was extra excited when we rode it.

DD had no problem finding Boo's door. LOL!
This was when DD screamed, "Oh, no!"
Awww, a happy ending.
After Monsters' Inc, she wanted to go on the plane ride (that's what she calls Soaring), so we walked to the other side, but we did stop by the candy corn to take a picture.
And then a picture with Cars. I have no idea why she was making such a weird face here.
After Soaring, I took DD across the way to Disneyland. I love that you can see Mickey Pumpkin everywhere!
A giant Mickey Pumpkin for Halloween.
When we stopped for lunch, I noticed that the cafe had this cute dessert so I got it to share with DD. It's little chocolate covered red velvet cake pieces stuffed in a Nightmare Before Christmas Coffin. The spider web was made with white chocolate and the spider was raspberry. There were 5 pieces of cake and it was $4.95. I thought the price was really reasonable for Disneyland. Best of all, it was delicious!
The backside of it.
Can you tell that someone really enjoyed her dessert?!
Where is the honey?!
Waiting to get her photo taken with Pooh. As you can see, she was pretty excited.
Pooh left to go on his break right before it was our turn to see him. DD had a break down and cried for a bit. She was really heart broken when Pooh left. Luckily, Tigger came and saved the day.



The Mama said...

Hey, where'd you get the cute dessert? We're going tomorrow and Amelia would probably love that. :-)

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