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September 22, 2009

Disneyland Fun

The summer hours are officially over. With the kids back in school, Disneyland does not open until 10, which means that I get to sleep in longer on the days we go there to play. Although I have to say that it is still very hot, so it does not feel like summer is over yet. Anyhow, I picked up a few disney princess dresses on eBay for DD. She was wearing her Snow White dress today. We stopped by California Adventure first. As soon as we got there, DD saw the giant candy corn and she was immediate in love. She could not wait to go up to it. Actaully she tried to pull some of the candy corn off and she was really sad when she realized that everything was glued down. LOL!

Did you know that all of the Disneyland characters in California Adventure dress "California" appropriate?

Mickey & DD.
Me, DD and Mickey.

Minni & DD.

She loves all of the Disney characters.
The trip is not completed until a visit with Chip & Dale.

Having a blast!
Riding in the car with Goofy!
After going on a couple of rides in California Adventure, we headed over to Disneyland. The park was nicely decorated with Halloween theme stuff.
Today, DD decleared, "I like Halloween! I like Halloween Mickey & Halloween Goofy!" LOL!
I decided to take DD on the Jungle Cruise today. Since it is DD's first time on it, I took a lot of photos of what we saw on the boat ride. DD was not impressed by it at all, so I don't think we will be back on it again. But, at least we gave it a try, right?

Waiting in line to get on the carousal.
Snow White on her horse.... Looks like she is chasing after her Prince Charming. Hehehhee!

We had a very pleasant day today. We had a fun day out and got home just in time to take a nap. Life is good!


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