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September 26, 2009

Dance class, Lowe's, Kidget event and a party! WHAT A DAY!

We had a crazy busy day today. We got up early in the morning for DD's dance class. I am not sure if she is actually learning anything, but she is having a blast running around doing
"creative" dance in her class.

Right after the class was over, we met up with DH at Lowe's for the Build and Grow event.
DH reading the instruction to help DD build her fire truck.
Time to hammer hammer!
Julie and Avery were there too. For some odd reason, the line was super long, Julie was nice enough to get a kit for DD too so that we did not have to wait in the long time.
DD checking out what her daddy was doing with her fire truck.
Her daddy was actually trying to put the stickers pieces on the fire truck for her. What a nice daddy!
Avery's daddy was also helping her with her fire truck.
I love this photo of DD and DH. Soooo sweet!
DD loves the fire truck her daddy helped her make.
After Lowe's, DH went home to rest from a long week at work and I took DD to the mall for a kidgets' event. While we were there, DD got a rainbow painted on her face.
DD won a huge sheet of sticker and she had a lot of fun putting the stickers all over her entire dress.
Following a lunch and a sort nap, I took DD to Jenni's house for a dinner party. Jessica brought Meimei too, so the girls were having a lot of fun playing together.
Agnes. I haven't seen her in a couple of years. Agnes and I used to work together at UCI.
Since it is a party full of Chinese people, there has to be some karaoke. DD also joined in on some singing. Everyone was cracking up but DD acted so seriously about singing and no one could understand a word she was singing. ROFL!
My karaoke girl!
After 2 hours of playing, the girls finally got hungry and sat down to eat some dinner.
Di and Ruohmei. Di has been teaching at UCSD for the past couple years now & Ruomei is in charge of the Chinese program at UCI.
The person with DD was Polly, who teaches both at UCI and Saddleback College. Behind her is her boy friend. Jessica is in the blue, Ying is the woman on Jessica's right. Chiaoru is on Jessica's left and Jenni is on the very end. These women are people I have been friends with for many many years now! I think it's very rare for people to make friends at work, but I was lucky enough to have worked with all of them back from when I was teaching at UCI. While I was there, I became great friends with them (although everyone knows that my bff is Jessica :P).
DD dancing to the music.
Polly and Jenni showing DD and Meimei how to dance.

Agnes decided to join in on the fun.

Jenni started a dance train for the girls to follow! LOL!

We had a wonderful time at Jenni's house. Jenni's newly remodeled house looks beautiful. I love her new kitchen! DD had a great time playing there too. When we left at 9 PM, DD still did not want to leave.
Even though we had a long and busy day, it was a good day!


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