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September 29, 2009

Construction-- Day 4

No really work was done today! ARG! Sergio was supposed to go and picked up the cabinets this morning, except he spent most of the day away because apparently Home Depot sold me some cabinets that they no longer carried. I think it is pretty amazing that a company as large as Home Depot would have the nerve to sell products they haven't carried in months. Of course, Sergio did not know this until he went to pick up the cabinets this morning. Sergio spent a large part of the day driving to all of the Home Depots in Orange Country trying to find the cabinets (in case there is a left over in any of them), but no such luck. I was given 2 choices. I could have either wait for a custom made cabinet to come in and that would take 2 weeks. In other words, Sergio and his crew will need to stop working all together until the cabinet come in & I would have to live without a kitchen for 2 additional weeks. My other option is to just get another cabinet that is 3" wider. I decided to go with the second option because I don't think I can survive that long without a kitchen. I mean, we are on day 2 without a kitchen and I am already going crazy. Anyhow, the problem with getting a larger cabinet is that the bottom cabinets will be longer than the top cabinets, so Sergio will have to put in fillers. When I explained this to DH over dinner together, he was really upset by it, he asked why we could not replace a top cabinet to one that is 3" wider too so everything will match. I could not believe that both Sergio and I did not think of that! So, I called Sergio after dinner and he agreed to get another cabinet tomorrow morning. A disaster was resolved! Yay!

Here's our kitchen-- filled with boxes of new cabinets.

Because DD is no longer allowed to play downstairs (due to the construction), we decided to get a TV so she can play and watch TV in her bedroom instead. After we napped this afternoon, I took DD to Toys R Us to pick up a Disney Princess TV and DH put it together for her. She was totally in love with it. We are a little concern about how well she deals with the TV in her room. If she tries to watch TV when she is not supposed to, we will most likely remove the TV from her room.


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