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September 4, 2009

California Adventure Fun

I took DD to California Adventure today. We were planning on going to Disneyland, but I woke up late and we got there just as California Adventure opened up. I thought, "Why not?! We haven't been there for a couple of months now). As soon as we got to the entrance, I realized that my camera fell out of my bag. I was pretty annoyed with myself, and of course, today turned out to be the day where we had some great photo moments.

The first ride we went on was Soaring. We were the first ones on the ride because we got there when the park opened, so there was no wait at all. After that, we did Monsters Inc. before heading to the Special Card Member Greet & Meet photo-up with Chip & Dale. I have a Disneyland Visa card. While I sometimes take advantage of getting a free rental stroller with my card, I haven't used my card for the photo event. Since I left my camera in the car, I figured this would be the only photo of DD from today. Anyhow, DD got to meet Chip & Dale. It was super nice because instead of rushing us (like you normally do with the other characters you see around the parks), DD got to spend more than a few minutes with Chip & Dale. She got to say hello, hug them and talk to them for a bit (needless to say, they did not say anything back because the characters aren't allowed to speak). After she got her photos taken with them, we were given a ticket where we can go pick up a 5x7 photo for free. Anyhow, the photo turned out really cute. If I did not have my Disney Visa card, it would have been $10.95 plus tax for the photo, but I got it for free with my special Disneyland Visa card benefit. Hooray!

After the photo up, we went to Grizzly River Run (wish I had my camera with me, ARG!). The last time we were at California Adventure, DD was not quite tall enough for the ride just yet. Apparently, she is over 42 inches tall now, so she was able to go in it for the first time. Woohooo! She had fun, and getting soaking wet was great for a hot day like today. But when I asked if she wanted to ride it again, she declined (she asked to go on Splash Mountain instead, LOL).

Besides the Grizzly River Run, we also went on Toy Story & the carousel next to it. We had lunch and caught a show at the Playhouse Disney before coming home. We had a wonderful day :).

When I was looking at the map today, I found out that DD is actually tall enough to go on the Tower of Terror ride. I went on it with my friends Nancy and Irene before on a mommy's night out, and I thought it was pretty scary. I am not sure if I should take DD on it. Maybe if I am brave enough next time, I will take her on that.


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