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September 6, 2009

Brooke's 3rd birthday party

We went to the El Dorado Nature Center in Long Beach for Brooke's 3rd birthday today. Before lunch & cake, the kids got to run around and play. One of the things the kids really love was being pulled around by Cristy's huband (Mike) in the wagon.
DD ran around picking flowers for me. it was so cute! She is too adorable!
She was also into picking up tree branches.
DD with the birthday girl.
DD having fun with Drew (Brooke's cousin).
I think Drew might have a little crush on DD, he kept on following her around. LOL!
Playing in the house that Brooke's Grandma (Julie) set up at the park.

Brooke opening up her gifts.
Birthday cake time!
Brooke's Grandma did not decorate the birthday cake because she thought it would be fun for the kids to decorate it. She was right, the kids had a blast putting (way too much) sprinkles on the cake.
DD picking the icing and the spinkles off, because that's all she really wanted.
Juice & cake! The kids were totally loaded up with sugar.
To help burn off the sugar they had. Brooke's Grandma made lots of water ballons for the kids to pick up and throw them at each other. Cristy's husband hid them around the park, so the kids were running around looking for them.
DD getting ready to throw a water ballon. I can't believe how much fun she had. It was a great idea to have the water ballon fight, I am totally going to steal that idea for a playdate :).
The kids with their last ballons.


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