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August 30, 2009

What a crazy/ weird weekend

On Friday afternoon, our AC broke. Because it was so late, I could not reach the handy man. ARG! When I went outside to check on the AC unit, I discovered a huge crack in our patio wall. I called DH and asked him to bring dinner home because it was too hot for me to cook. Then, when DH came home, he discovered that his PC was broken. It was not a good start of our weekend at all.

On Saturday morning, DH went to Best Buy to buy parts for his PC to repair it. While DH was doing that, I decided to take DD to the OC Marketplace to pick up some fruits and vegetables. As soon as we got there, DD asked for some strawberries.

What a goofball!
Loving her strawberries!
By the time we got home, DH was already home from Best Buy. After DH fixed his PC, we took DD to Costco for lunch. DD wanted pizza. She only ate the toppings though. As you can see from the photo, she picked the toppings and the cheese off.
Saturday was an extra tough day. It was 98 degrees and without a working AC, we were totally dying. We ended up sleeping in the living room last night in our attempt to cool off. This morning, I sent DH to the store for some fans because I was taking DD to meet up with Jessica & Meimei today. My friend Irene had given me a pass to the Company D store (Disney store for Disney employees only). Since I could take 1 guest with me, I decided to take my bff Jessica. While Jessica and I shopped, DD and Meimei were running around like crazy. The girls were so cute with their matching outfits and they both had their Polliwalks shoes on too. Too cute!

Because everything was 50% off or more, we brought a lot of stuff (for the kids, of course). We had a lot of fun shopping, and the girls had a blast running in circles. LOL!
* I am calling the handy man first thing tomorrow morning, so I am hoping that the AC can be repaired asap. As for the crack in the wall, I already contacted the company who built our patio for us. They are coming out tomorrow to look at it. I hope that will also be repaired by the end of this week too.


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