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August 22, 2009

Photos from the past 2 days

DH had the day off from work yesterday, so after we dropped DD off at Kids' Gym, we went to a movie and had pleasant lunch together. It's been years since the two of gone out on a date during the day, so that was a nice change. We went to see Ponyo. Both DH and I are huge fans of Miyazaki's work. We have been watching Miyazaki's films since we were in high school (long before the films have been translated into English & released in the US). One of the my favorite movie made by him is Heisei tanuki gassen pompoko. It has been not released by Disney, but I am not sure if it ever will, I think it might just be too weird for the US audience. Anyhow, The reason why I brought up Pompoko is because I think all of Miyazaki's films have environmental undertone to it, but in Pompokp, Miyazaki's statement regarding human treatment of nature is very loud and clear. Ponyo also started out with the environmental undertone (a commentary about dumping waste into the sea), but it did not go anywhere. I was disappointed about that, I thought it would have been nice to see a more clear discussion of it. On the other hand, the film was simply beautifully done. At one point, the mermaid (gold fish turned a little girl) was running across the ocean on a school of large koi fish. The animation was just fantastic. We were really glad to have seen the movie, and I am sure that I will buy the DVD so that DD can watch it at home.
Anyhow, after our movie & lunch date, we picked up DD from Kids' Gym, and then we went to pick up DH's new eye glasses. I took the following 2 photos of DH running around the center with DD on his back. They are so cute together!
Initally, I planned to go to Blizzcon with DH today. But he woke up early this morning and went to pick up the stuff I want from the Blizzcon store so I could sleep in. He got home just as DD and I were leaving the house for the kidgets event at the mall. We did not stay long because Grandma & Grand were visiting.

DH's parents came today, I forgot to take photos because we were having so much fun. We went out to lunch and then went and got some dessert. After that, we came home to hang out before they had to drive back down to Carlsbad. What a busy day it was for everyone!


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