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August 10, 2009

Park playdate, lemon and grapes

What a busy but fun day we had! This morning we went to the park for a craft playdate. Lara was nice enough to purchase some snakes and alligators for the kids to paint.

Erik and DD painting. Katie and Leila. You can tell how much fun Katie was having with the paint. LOL!
DD was concentrating very hard on her painting.

Showing off her final product.
She got a little upset when she realized that she got paint on her fingers.
That is one funny looking alligator.
Lindsay painted herself instead of her alligator. ROFL!
After the kids finished their crafts, they went off to play. DD went for the swing right away.
When they got tired, we sat down for lunch.
DD enjoyed Angela's birthday cake.
Then off she went again.
Following a bath and a nice nap in the afternoon, we left the house again. Our first stop was Debra's house. We were there to pick some lemons. DD is too short to pick the lemons, but she still loves standing there holding the bag as I picked the lemons.
Looking up at the lemon tree. DD was very impressed by how large it is and how many lemons are on the tree.
This was my view as I looked down at DD and handed the lemons to her. She is such a good little helper!
After we were done picking lemons, we were off to Julie's house to pick some grapes. She was not kidding when she said that she had a lot of grapes!
DD was confused at first, she began picking the grapes off one by one. At the rate she was going, we would have been there for hours. LOL! So I stepped in and showed her what to do.
Checking out the grapes. She could not wait to eat them.
Pretty happy with herself picking those grapes (with mommy's help, of course).
Before we left Julie's house, DD, Katie and Avery got pulled around by Avery's Daddy, Rob. Avery's daddy was not careful enough and so Avery fell off the wagon. Rob did not catch her in time. You can see Avery's legs sticking up and her daddy failed to catch her. DD and Katie were still laughing as they sat in the wagon. They did not seem at all bother by the fact that Avery fell off the wagon. Luckily, Avery was ok and only cried for about a minute. Lindsay joined the Katie, DD and Avery in the wagon.


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