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August 13, 2009

New lovely for DD

DD's favorite stuffed animal (an Elmo) is on it's last leg. With his eyes missing and the seams coming undone on the mouth, I decided that it was time to say good-bye to Elmo. I have done a lot of research trying to find the exact same Elmo, but because it was purchased by my bff in Taiwan, I could not find another one in the US. My friend Yalee tried to look for it in Taiwan for me too, but also could not find one. In any case, I took DD to the "Build a Bear Workshop" and had her pick up a stuff animal-- to replace Elmo. She picked Hello Kitty, although she just calls it "Kitty."

She helped to stuff it.
Watching Hello Kitty get stuffed.
She gave Hello Kitty a bath.
While we were there, she also picked up some shoes and an outfit for Hello Kitty. When we got home, we dressed kitty together.

DD loves her new kitty. She asked for Elmo when we napped this afternoon and I told her that she has to nap with kitty now. She could not fall asleep without Elmo at first, but she eventually did fall asleep with her new Hello Kitty. When she went to bed tonight, she asked her daddy for Elmo. When DH explained that Elmo was gone and she needs to sleep with Hello Kitty from now on, she got really upset. DH then asked if Hello Kitty was better than Elmo, DD agreed that it was better and so she ended up going to bed with Hello Kitty. Yay!
I haven't toss out Elmo yet. I hid him in DD's closet. I will probably leave him there for at least a week to see if DD is really ok with giving up Elmo. Once I am sure she has moved on, I will probably stored Elmo in the garage. I think I will keep it for her since it is her first love after all.


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