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August 23, 2009

Lydia's 3rd birthday party

Lydia turned 3 today and we went to a park in Irvine to help her celebrate her big day! Lydia's mommy and daddy (Anna & Lois) had a bounce house set up for the kids. As soon as we got there, DD wanted to get into the bounce house to jump. After awhile, the kids got really tired, and they all lied down to take a break.
When DD got tired of the bounce house, we decided to sit down and do a craft. Lydia's mommy had a craft table set up for the kids to make their own crowns.
After she was done with that, DD and DH were off to swing.
DD kept on asking her daddy to push her higher and higher.
Then off to play with the slides.
DD got really thirsty from playing so hard, so DH helped her drink some water.
Lydia's mommy set up some eggs with goodies in it. After a very yummy lunch, DD went around the park looking for the eggs (Easter Egg Hunt in August, LOL).
So happy that she found some eggs.
She was not aggressive enough to get the eggs in time, so she was sad that she only got 2. DH walked around the park with her to find more, but there wasn't any more. Poor baby!
Luckily there was a pinata filled with candy and toys for the kids.
The birthday girl hitting the pinata. Yes, the kids were beating a pink kitty to get to the candy and toys in its tummy. Disturbing? Yes, I would say so.
When the kitty busted open, there was plenty of goodies for the kids.
The birthday girl and her grandma.
The kids enjoying cake.
The birthday party was packed with a lot of fun. We all had a great time! When we got home, DD could not wait to check out all of the good stuff she got from the birthday party.


Cathy said...

She's so adorable.. Kids really love having their birthday parties at the park, and play grounds..

Have a happy birthday Lydia.. Stay as sweet as you are..

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