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August 8, 2009

Lowe's Build & Grow and other stuff...

We went to Lowe's today for the Build & Grow event. DD loves it so much that she has been asking for days about going to "hammer, hammer" -- as she calls it. Because she only has a vague sense of time, it was hard to explain to her that we only go to Lowe's every 2 weeks for the event. Anyhow, she was so excited about going today, as soon as she woke up this morning she wanted to leave the house. LOL!

DD could not wait to get started. She set up all of the little pieces while her daddy was reading the instruction.
"Hammer, hammer!"
Today, DD made a power boat.
Look at that smile!
Loving it!
The power boat was an easy project, it only took DD about 15 minutes to finish it.
After she was done with her power boat, she always runs around Lowe's just for fine.
Leaving Lowe's to go to Costco for lunch.
While DH waited in line to buy food for us, I grabbed a table for us and DD did her usual runs around the table.
DH sharing his dessert with DD. They were looking inside the cup to see if there's any more strawberries left. So cute!
DH found a strawberry and fed it to DD.
After lunch and some shopping at Costco, we went home. I spent most of the day (5 hours to be exact) cleaning the entire house. Initially, we had planned to stay home for dinner, but I was so tired for cleaning the house, DH offered to take us out to dinner (so I don't have to cook or wash the dishes). What a nice husband! While DH was getting ready to take us out to dinner, I took a couple of photos.
DD was playing her puzzles in the living room and she was just so content.
Someone was in a really good mood because she was excited about going out to dinner.
We went to get ramen again. What can I say? We really love ramen. While we were walking from the car to the ramen place, DH was helping DD jump by holding up her arms. It is no wonder why DD loves hanging out with her daddy so much.
Acting silly at the ramen place. She cracks me up!


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