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August 1, 2009

Fun day with Daddy & DD's first pencil case

DH is not feeling too well so instead of waking up early to go to Tanaka Farm for the watermelon tour this morning, we decided to take it easy and just hang out at home. Around lunch time, we decided to take DD out for some ramen. As soon as we got there, DD ran right up to the ramen girl. DD loves the ramen, so yummy!
DH thought that the ramen was not as good as the ramen we get at Huntington Beach, but he thought that it was still very tasty.
DD ate all of her ramen. What a good girl!
In addition to eating some yummy ramen, we also got some California rolls. DH thought the California rolls were the best he ever had.
After lunch, we walked to the frozen yugort place near by for some dessert.
This is a photo of DD enjoying her dessert. DH thought the frozen yugort was very reasonable priced and very yummy too.

After a tasty lunch and dessert, we came home to relax. When I got home, I decided to sit down and make DD a pencil case. I brought several Kumon books for DD and we have been working on the books for a couple of weeks now. Anyhow, I thought it would be a good idea to make her a pencil case to keep all of her school supplies in one spot. Of course, I could have just purchased a container for $1 at Walmart, but I felt that it would be nicer to have something home-made with cute prints on it. I chose the cupcake fabric as the liner and the monster fabric for the outer layer of the pencil case.
This was a pretty easy project, it only took me about an hour. I am sure that it only took me that long because it is my first time making it, I think if I was to make this again, I can probably do it in 30 minutes.
Inside of the case--one pair of scissors, a glue stick, pencils and one eraser. You can see that it opens pretty wide so that DD will be able to access her school supplies easily.


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