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August 3, 2009

Fun day at the Grandparents' house

We went down to Carlsbad to visit Grandpa and Grandma today. When we got there, Grandma suggested that we go to DH's favorite place (Angelo's) for lunch. Of course, when we got home & DH found out where we went for lunch, he was extra sad that he could not go down to Carlsbad with us. Anyhow, this was DD's first time at Angelo's and I got her a kid's meal. For $3.49, you get a burger that's the size of your face and a huge bag of fries along with a small drink. Seriously, I want to know what kind of a kid can finish a meal like this. I was not kidding about the burger, you can see it on the table, it literally is the size of DD's face. I got a Greek Salad. It was sooooo yummy!
After lunch, we went swimming in the pool.
I took this picture of us. I thought it turned out pretty good considering that I have no idea where the camera was pointing. ROFL!
Grandpa showing DD how to hold onto the side of the pool. She is getting better at it for sure.
After an hour in the pool, I was exhausted, not DD though. Right after I changed her, she was jumping on the bed. Were does a kid get that much energy?
Luckily, Grandma and Grandpa don't mind her jumping on the bed at all. They really spoil her.


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