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July 22, 2009

We love making jewelery!

This photo is totally not related to jewelery making. I took this when DD went to her gymnastic class this morning. As usual she had a lot of fun, I love how silly the kids are. I also think that the coach is pretty courageous for taking on so many kids.
After we got home from gymnastics class, lunch, and a trip to Michael's, DD and I sat down to make some jewelery.
If you are not sure how excited she was, this was how happy she was. She is such a girly girl. She wants to wear necklaces and bracelets all the time. I brought her some jewelery from the dollar bin at Target awhile back. But, being the 3 year old she is, she frequently lose her things (especially when she insists on wearing her jewelery to school). So, armed with my coupons, I went to Joann's and Michel's & got some supplies so we can make the jewelery at home. It has been working out really well because the beads are relatively cheap; as such, if she loses her jewelery, it is really no big deal. An extra added bonus to making our own jewelery is that DD really enjoys doing the craft with me. So far we have made at least 3 necklaces and 3 bracelets together.
We made a cupcake cake necklace today. Both Michael's and Joann's have $1 necklace kits that comes with wooden beans. I combine the $1 kits with the loose beads I brought separately for DD to make her jewelery. I always hold one end of the necklace while DD threads the other end with beads.
Pretty excited by how her necklace was coming along.
Pretty necklace that DD made by herself.
Being the girly girl she is, she always wants to make a matching bracelet.
Look at those fingers at work.
I could not get her to hold her hand up so I can take a photo of her bracelet, she just looked confused, lol!
I also picked up a a few things from Michael's and made this necklace for myself.

Anyhow, I really enjoy making the jewelery with DD. I think it is a great activity for her. There are many benefits from doing the craft with her. Not only that it helps with her hand-eye coordination, she also feel great about being able to accomplish a task and then able to proudly wear her achievement (the jewelery). While we are making the jewelery, I am also teaching DD about patterns and reviewing colors and shapes with her. Oh, and it is great mother-daughter bonding time too. It is just all around a great thing ^_^!


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