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July 3, 2009

Water Playdate at Debra & Kaia's house

We went to Debra and Kaia's house for a water playdate today. I made some cupcakes for the potluck lunch we were having at the playdate. I thought they turned out pretty cute ;).

Debra filled the pool for the kids, DD just could not get enough of the pool.
DD was filling her cup with water to splash the other kids.

The girls were having so much fun in the pool.

At one point, they were putting all sorts of things in the water.

DD found her favorite toy.

DD fishing the toys for fun.

And then she used the toy to splash the other kids.

Katie and Lindsay joined DD for some fun in the pool.
After spending for what seems like hours in the baby pool, DD finally got out to color with the other kids.

Lunch came after coloring.
What a fest the kids were having! (DD, Mason and Erik)
Tasty lunch! (Kaia, Leila and Savahanna)

Toward the end of the playdate, Leila and DD decided to take the play mat apart-- which made even more of a mess for Debra to clean out. *sigh* The backyard was a complete mess by the time everyone left, it was a very good indication of how much fun everyone had!

After the playdate, we stopped by Costco to pick up some milk and eggs. While we were there, I got DD a berry smoothie (because it was soooo hot). She was totally loving it!
DD had so much fun today that after we got home, we took a 4 hour nap together. It was a good nap :) and a wonderful day.


Lowrey said...

I am so glad you enjoyed the playdate. I will post another playdate after I forget about how long it took me to clean up after this one. =) You got such amazing pictures. I love the ones of her in the pool and painting. They turned out fantastic!

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