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July 10, 2009

OC Superfair

Today was the opening day to the OC Superfair in Costa Mesa. I took DD there to meet up with Lara, Irene and their kids. From 12 to 1, you can park and get into the fair for free, so we left the house at 11:15 to get there. We arrived at 11:45 and waited in line for 30 minutes to get in. To keep DD occupied as we waited, I gave her some snacks to eat.
This was the line in front of us, the line behind us was even worst. I guess everyone wants to park and get in for free.
When we got there, we went to the Fun Zone first so that the kids can run around and play.
The kids had a lot of fun playing in the huge sand box.
Lindsay thought it would be fun to make a snow angel in the sand box. She was loving it.
DD trying her hands at the hula hoop. I think it was either too big for her or she did not understand how to use it.
Of course, none of that stopped her from having fun.
She liked spinning it around and around.

Following some drama (Katie and Savahanna were fighting over some toys in the sand box & they were both sent to time-out), we sat the kids down for a quick snack. This was the only way we could get them to sit still for a minute.
It was impossible to get all of them to look at the camera at the same time.
See, even my own daughter refused to look at the camera.
After playing at the Fun Zone, we walked around to grab some food. I was surprised to see Frog legs as something you can get at the fair (by the way, it is true that it taste just like chicken). I thought of DH because I know he would totally try that if he was there with us today.
It was crazy hot (I was the only one we got sun burn though....lucky me), so we got the kids Icee. I love Icee and it was prefect for a hot day like today.
The kids thoroughly enjoyed their icee.
After lunch, we walked around to check out the different booths to see what people are selling at the fair. Lindsay thought it was fun to pull her dress up and wear it as a hat. Lara tried to get Lindsay to pull her dress down many times to no avail.
Around 3, Bryan (Irene's husband) came to fair to meet up with us. Savahanna and DD immediately went to him.
We went to the barn to check out the cows. It was very stinky, and surprising enough the kids just did not care for the cows.
We decided to take the kids to the petting zoo, the kids were really excited about that.
DD used to be very afraid of the goats, but I guess she is not anymore.
They had mama llama and baby llama at the petting zoo (they did not want to be petted though). DD was very excited to see them because we have been reading all about llamas (Llama Llama Misses Mama, Llama Llama Mad at Mama and Llama Llama Red Pajama).
DD feeding the goat.
We left the fair and got home around 5. Because DD was so dirty from playing in the sand box and running around at the fair, I gave her a shower when we got back. We went down for a nap about 5:30 and did not get up until 8. I was soooo exhausted and my feet were extremely tired too (I am totally out of shape). Anyhow, DD had so much fun today, she could not stop talking about it all night now.
By the time we were getting her ready for bed, she was still smiling from ear to ear.

I am super glad she had fun today. Hanging out with the moms and kids really helped me relieve some of the anxiety and stress I have been dealing with this past week.


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