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July 27, 2009

Mission Viejo Lake Playdate

We went to the lake with Lara, Katie and Lindsay today. As soon as we got there, Katie and DD decided that it would be fun to roll down the little hill in the middle of the parking lot.
When we got to the lake, the kids could not wait to get into the water.
Poor Lindsay was also excited to get into the water. She got so excited that she fell and drank some of the lake water.
The kids just love being in the water.
Today was a good day to be playing in the water.
There were quiet a few fish in the water and the girls tried really hard to catch one.
They could not catch a fish, but luckily I brought some plastic sharks for them to play with.
You can see our little set up in the backgroup. Glad I was able to put my beach chair and shade into good use for once this year.
The kids decided to play in the sand for a while.
Katie and DD made some new friends.
You can tell how much fun DD was having.
I have to admit that I was loving the cool water too.

DD, Katie and their new friends got together to build a sand castle.

After all of the hard playing, it was time for some lunch.

We had a great time at the lake. Can't wait to do it again soon :).


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