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July 11, 2009

Lowe's Build and Grow: Treasure Box

We took DD to Lowe's this morning to do our usual bi-weekly "Build and Grow" event. As usual DD had a great time building with her daddy. Today she made a treasure box. She did exceptionally well today. She was able to hammer all of the nails without her daddy's help-- although DH read the instructions and put the wood pieces together for her to nail. Here's the photos from today. You can see how much fun DD was having. Showing off her new hammer. There were so many people there for the event that they had to open a new box of kid size hammers.
Very excited about building a treasure box.
Waiting for daddy to finish reading the instructions.
Finally, time to hammer!
Checking out her treasure paper.
All done with the treasure box. By the way, DD is wearing a dragon bracelet I got for her from the OC fair. She really loves it, the dragon bracelet is handcrafted and totally adorable.
Time to leave Lowe's and grab some lunch at Cost Co.
This was the treasure box DD built.
It is a very cute little box.
After Lowe's, we went to Cost Co. to grab some lunch and do a little shopping. As usual, DD asked for hot dogs.
She loves eating the hot dogs there.
" Yummy in my tummy."
As we were leaving Cost Co. I took a couple of photos of DD.
What a silly girl!


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