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July 1, 2009

Irvine Spectrum water fountain playdate

Today, we planned to go to the Irvine Spectrum for the free movie at 10 AM and then head over to the water fountain to play afterwards. Of course, since things never go as planned, we did not get a chance to see the movie after I got DD all excited about it. I loaded DD into her car seat, and then I discovered that my car would not start. I had to call AAA for assistance. The guy showed up about 10 minutes after I called and was super helpful (friendly and great customer service). I was also lucky that DH overslept and did not get to leave the house when he was supposed to. So, when the car could not start, he was able to try to jump start it (that did not work though, that's why we had to call AAA). DH followed us to the car dealership where I dropped my car off. Meanwhile, DD was very upset about missing "Ku Fu Panda." DH suggested that I drop him off at work so I could drive DD to Irvine Spectrum for the playdate. We missed the movie, but made it to water fountain in time for some fun. DD got a chance to play with her friends, Leila, Erik, Savahanna, Katie, and Lindsay. We spent almost 3 hours there playing and eating lunch. Though we had a rough start this morning, it has turned out pretty good so far. My car is being repaired right now and I will pick up the car later tonight.

Here's the photos from today. You can see how much fun the girls were having :).


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