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July 30, 2009

Fun day with Jessica and Meimei

Jessica and her kids got back from Taiwan a few days ago, so we met up with them for lunch today. After I picked DD up from preschool, we went straight to Irvine to meet up with them. DD was so excited to see Meimei, she had been asking for her friend for weeks now. As soon as they saw each other, they started running in circles.

After about 15 minutes of chatting with Jessica while our kids were going nuts running in circles, we went to have some Ramen. DD was instantly impressed by the statue of the little girl holding a bowl of ramen.

DD was very excited about eating lunch with her friend Meimei.
Jessica and Meimei.
The ramen was delicious! It was as good as my favorite ramen place in Huntington Beach, so now we don't have to drive that far north to get good ramen. After lunch, we went and got some frozen yogurt for dessert.
Meimei got some too (because you know that if one kid gets something, all of the other kids want to get the exact same thing).
DD was running off with Jessica's purse, she was calling it her purse. LOL!
We had a great time catching up with our friends. Excellent company and tasty food! We could not ask for anything else.

Except there was something else. While Jessica was in Taiwan, I asked her to pick up a few things for me and she got everything I requested for. 6 bags of high end hand-picked Taiwanese tea, 1 cal-king size bamboo mat and the 2 books I wanted. I reimbursed Jessica for everything I asked for because the stuff I wanted were kind of expensive. For example, the 6 little loose tea packages were $80.
Because I insisted on paying for the stuff I requested, Jessica got me a bunch of stuff as gifts. 1 huge bag of sweet potato snack (yummy!), 1 box of Chinese wedding cake (double yummy!), 1 thermos cup, and 1 large package of Mu Er. This is the reason why Jessica is my bff. She knows the key to my heart is food. ROFL!
I was pretty excited about the bamboo mat* Jessica brought back too. As soon as I got home, I cleaned it and put it on our bed. It is the prefect size! Hooray! DH will be so excited when he sees it tonight (especially since he is the one who asked for it).
* Bamboo mats are very common in Taiwan. Because Taiwan is a tropical island, it gets very hot and humid in the summer. To stay cool, Taiwanese people put bamboo mats on chairs, sofas and their beds. Whenever it gets hot, DH would talk about how much he loved the bamboo mats in Taiwan and how he was able to stay cool while he was sleeping because of the mats. During our last move, we lost our bamboo mat (misplaced it somewhere), so he had been complaining about how he NEEDS a new bamboo mat. Thankfully, Jessica was heading back to Taiwan and her brother, after much research, was able to get one for us that actually fits our cal-king size bed.


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