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July 18, 2009

Fun day at the company picnic

We went to DH's annual company picnic at Oak Canyon Park. We were really looking forward to taking DD there this year because she was too young to do the rides last year, but she is finally tall enough for most of the activities now ^_^.

When we got there, we decided to eat the yummy BBQ buffet before doing all of the fun activities. The food was great!

At some point, a wasp came to our table and try to eat DD's chicken. DD was really upset over it.

After lunch, we went straight to the Caricature booth. The line was long and we knew that we would have to wait for a long time, so while I waited in line, DH ran around with DD keeping her entertained. DD running to DH after he went to get me some soda.

What a nice husband, walking all the way to the other side of the park to get me a drink.

While we waited in line, DD was running around playing hide & seek with DH. I managed to get lots of cute photos of her.

After she got tired of playing hide & seek, DH took DD to play miniature golf.

After what seems like forever, it was finally our turn to get our caricature done. The artist drew one person at a time.

It was a good thing that the artist was pretty fast. DD was so excited to see the drawing, she could bare sit in her seat.

DH did his best getting DD to sit in her seat.

Almost done....

Here it is! After we got home, I realized that there was no photos of me from the company picnic; but, at least there is a caricature drawing of the family to show that I was there.

After the caricature drawing, we took DD on some rides. I love that because the whole park was reserved for DH's company, there was no wait for DD to get on the rides. Plus, because there were not that many kids there, DD could go on the ride again and again. The first ride she wanted to do was the ladybug ride. There was no one on the ride, so the staff ran the whole ride just for her.

Only person on the ride-- she was feeling really special.

Then we were off to another ride.

She loved this ride. Actually, she loved it so much that she rode it 4 to 5 times.

Then she was off to ride the airplane ride.

DH wanted to go on the ferris wheel, but DD was too short for it. She cried as she watched her daddy getting on the ride. Poor baby.

Instead of waiting for daddy to get off the ferris wheel, I took her back to the ladybug ride again.

We got back to the ferris wheel in time to watch DH getting off it.

DH felt so bad for DD that we went back to the other ride again so she can play some more before we head out.

We spent a little over 3 hours at the company picnic and had a blast. There were a few other activities we did not get a chance to do because we were totally exhausted after running around for so long. Hopefully we will be able to do all of the activities the park offers next year.

By the way, I just want to mention that we totally love the company DH works for. Not only that they offer awesome Christmas parties at the Disneyland hotel every year, they also do summer family picnic events for them too. It's so nice to see a company that pays for so many events for their employees. I think it really shows how much the company appreciates it's workforce. I believe that this is the reason why DH will never leave company. He has true loyalty to it.


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