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June 18, 2009

Potty Party

I have been trying to potty train DD for months now (it has only been a full month because I started potty training her the second week of May, but it feels like forever). I tried to potty train her when she was about 2 1/2, but she rejected the idea right away. Even though I made the effort of going shopping with her and buying her an Elmo potty, she ended up using Elmo potty as her personal toy holder.

In September, she will be attending a preschool that requires all students to be fully potty trained. Because it was so hard to get the last last opening spot for her to attend this preschool, I was starting to get pretty stressed about getting DD potty trained. I was fully prepared to work at this potty training thing the whole summer.

Anyhow, so I started potty training her by taking her to the bath room every hour and hope that she will go pee. Of course, there was a lot of reading stories to her on the potty and hoping that she will eventually go. About 2 weeks of that, she began to use the potty to pee whenever I put her on it, but no luck of her telling me that she needs to go. After a month of this potty training thing, she no longer pees in her pull-up. Hooray for DD! At home, if she needs to go, she will tell us and then go to the bathroom to pee all by herself (without any assistance at all).

The problem we are facing now is that she is having a hard time pooping in the potty. She seems to only realize that she needs to go after she has already gone in her pull-up. Luckily, she is getting better at it. Although she is still having issues with pooping in the toilet, I would say that she is only having poop accidents in her pull-up about 30% of the time. I think that she will be fully potty trained in 2 to 3 weeks.

She is pretty late to the potty training game. But I am very proud of her for the progress she has been making. It is looking like she will not be having any potty training issue when the new preschool starts in September. That is a huge weight off my shoulders!

Great job, DD! You are awesome!

p.s. I tried to bribe DD with candy to use the potty and that did not work at all. She was not at all impressed by the candy or chocolate I offered (though I heard that this works for a lot of kids). What ended up working for DD was lizards and snakes. She is so fascinated by bugs and insects that I decided to pick up some party favor lizards and snakes. Each time she poops in the potty, she gets to pick either a lizard or a snake from the party favor bag I have. With the excitement of getting a lizard or snake, she is trying really hard to be a big girl and use the potty.


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