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June 27, 2009

Lowe's Build & Grow: Pirate Ship

After my doctor's appointment this morning, I got home just in time to go to Lowe's with DD and DH. Today, the kids were making pirate ships and I could not believe how packed the place was. I waited for about 15 minutes in line just to pick up DD's kit. While I waited in line, DH kept DD entertain by spinning her around.

DD and DH getting ready to do their thing.

Hammer time!

DH already gets the nail ready for DD. What a good daddy!

DD hammered the nail all the way in.

DD checking out the what exactly she was supposed to do.

Showing off her pirate ship. So cute!

She thought it would be fun to chase me with the pirate ship.

Still chasing me as her daddy was telling her it was time to leave Lowe's.

Time to say bye to Lowe's. What a great morning building a pirate ship with her daddy! She was all smiles!

After Lowe's, I got home just in time to meet with Lara (she was meeting me at my house so we can carpool together). Lara and I went to a tea house (DH was nice enough to babysit DD & took her to Taco Bell for lunch). Lara and I had a very nice time drinking tea and eating finger sandwiches. We had a wonderful time chatting-- you know, basically having some adult conversation without having a kid interrupt you every 30 seconds. When we were done with Lowe's, we visited a little shop that was across the way from the tea shop where I picked up this cool wire dress form for DD's room. I was thinking that we can hang her jeweleries off it and we can also clip her hair clips on it.

Here's DD with her new room decoration.
I realized that the thing was sort of hard to see, so I moved it against the green wall so you can see how cute it is!


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