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June 13, 2009

Kidget event & Birthday party

We had a very busy day today. After DD woke up, we got dressed and went to the mall for the Little Chef Kidget Event. DD got her goody bags and she also got to decorate a mini cupcake for fun. After she was done putting the icing and sprinkles in it, she was ready to eat it.
She ate the entire mini cupcake in 2 bites. LOL!
We only stayed at the kidget event for a few minutes, then we were on our way to James' birthday party (he turned 2 today). The birthday party was held at the park.
DD loves the park, so she was having a lot of fun.
She especially loves the slides.
She can go up and down the slide all day long.
On the other side of the park, there were more slides. DD loves to climb up the rope to get to the slide.
She wanted to try every slide at the park.
After we had some tasty lunch, James got to open his presents.
While James was opening his presents, DD was hungry again, so she asked for more fruit (all that running around made her hungry).
After she was done eating, she was off again. I spent some time playing ball with her.
After our ball play, it was time for cake. James' cake was a really yummy chocolate cake with strawberry filings.
After she had some cake, DD was off playing again. She was full of energy.

Having fun with the train.

She could not figure out how to use the sand toy, I guess she is too young for it. In the background, you can see Christy and her twin boys.
DD had a wonderful time at the birthday party today. If she was not eating, then she was off running around doing different things at the park. It is a bit hard keeping up with a toddler who is so full of energy. But I am glad that she was having so much fun.
An hour after we got home, our co-op order of Polliwalks shoes came. I opened up the box to sort them. DD was so excited about the cute shoes, she could not wait to try every single pair on. The shoes are really cute, I was pretty amazed on how good some of them look, the pictures on the website don't do them any justice at all. My favoites are the fireflies, gators, sharks, t-rax, and Elm0. They are just too cute for words!
Luckily I brought some size 9 shoes for DD so that she could wear them right away. she loves her new ladybug shoes so much that she wore them for the rest of the day (yes, she even tried to go to bed with them on).

I love co-op buys! Great price on such cute shoes!


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