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June 14, 2009

Fun day with Daddy

DH and I took DD to Costco for lunch today. For some reason, DD loves eating there and has been asking us to take her there for days now.

While we were waiting for DH to buy the food, I took some photos of DD. Here's a picture of her new Polliwalks ladybug shoes. DD loves that she is wearing ladybug style shoes, and I love that she can take them on & off all by herself.

DH was brave enough to give DD his costco card, I guess he was not worried that she would lose it.

Getting all excited about eating hot dog for lunch.

I brought some trash ties for DD and I put one in her hair today. I thought it turned out pretty cute for my first try ^_^.

Blowing on the hot dog because it was too hot for her to eat.
After lunch, we came home to relax. DD wanted to know where the turtle her grandparents gave her was, so I showed her where her daddy moved it.

I know it's sort of hard to see the turtle because DD is sitting on it, but this is a huge turtle.

DD jumping down the steps in front of our house.

Because we were so busy yesterday, we did not get a chance to go to Lowe's for the "Build & Grow" event. DH was nice enough to go and pick up her kit for her so we can build it at home. While he was there, he also picked up some soil for our new pots.

DD insisted on helping her daddy with the pots.

She thought putting the soil into the pots were a lot of fun.

This is what pot 1 looks like.

This is the 2nd pot, looks very similar to the other one, but they do have minor differences.

Here's what the pots look like in our patio. DH was not sure about the pots at first, but he thought they turned out pretty nice, I agree with him ^_^.


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