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June 4, 2009

Disneyland fun

I took DD to Disneyland yesterday. Even though we had a rough start in the morning (with things breaking in the house), we headed out to have some fun at Disneyland. We did not get there until about 10 AM (I was calling customer service numbers to try to get a hold of people and getting the broken things repaired so I wasted a lot of time in the morning), by the time we get to the park, it was packed with people. I had wanted to take DD onto Space Mountain, but the wait was an hour long so I decided to skip it. Nonetheless, DD still had a great time while we were there. Really, what kid does not have a great time there?!

When we got there, we took the train. DD loves the train.

The first ride we did was "Finding Nemo." Here's DD waiting for her yellow submarine.
Sitting in her seat on the submarine.
Checking out what's in the water.
After the ride was over, DD said that she had fun but the sharks were scary. LOL!
After Nemo ride, we went on "It's a small world" before heading to Tom Sawyer's island. We never been on it before, so I thought we would give it a try. This is DD looking out across the water.
Pretty excited with the idea of the boat coming for her.
She could barely contain herself with excitement.
Once we got on the island, she was so happy to see the ducks up close and personal.
The bridges on the island were a little scary to her.
Her favorite part of the island was the treasures.
She tried to pull the treasure box out. ROFL!
Once she realized that she could not pull it out, she thought it would be a good idea to open the treasure box. She discovered the keyhole (in the photo, she stuck her finger in it). She asked to see my car keys to see if she could open the treasure box with it. She is such a funny girl.
After spending half hour running around on the island, it was close to lunch time, so we headed back to grab some lunch. Here's DD sitting in the stroller waiting for food.
Of course, after lunch, we went on more rides. She wanted to go on the Marry-go-around as we were heading out, so I took her on it.
So happy!

Though it was a rough morning, but DD and I ended up having a great time in Disneyland. I truly enjoy spending time with her. She seems to like hanging out with me too. I hope that she will continue to want to spend time with me when she is a teenager.


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