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June 29, 2009

Discovery Science Center

After DD woke up this morning, we went to the Discovery Science center for some fun. We had a great time and it was really quiet there again today.

This is one of DD's favorite things to do at the Discovery Science Center.

She loves pushing her hands into it over and over again.

Since DD likes gardening so much, we had to stop at the gardening section and play :).

There is nothing as fun as planting trees. I sure hope that she loves nature as much as she does now when she is older.

Fishing fun.

She did not spend too much time fishing, seems that she got tired of it pretty quickly while we were there today.

She discovered the golf balls (it's a thing that shows you what happens to rain-- how it moves down stream).

Dancing on the little fake river, I am pretty sure she was not supposed to do that...

There was some sort of worm thing that you stick cleaning supplies into.

She thought this was a pretty fun toy to play with.

She had a lot of fun checking out the different cleaning supplies. I wonder if she will still think cleaning supplies are fun when she has to clean the house :P.

She even threw some baseballs when she was there. She did not throw them very hard or far. LOL!

Getting a little frustrated by the bird house. DD had a hard time figuring out how the pieces are put together.

Playing house with a little boy she met.

Hockey fun!
After playing with everything on the second floor, we went outside to play. She loves dinosaurs!

"Roar" is what DD said.

Saying "hello" to the dinosaurs (if I was a better mother, I would teach DD the names of the different dinosaurs and be able to name them here), but at last, I am not...

Dinosaur puzzle.

By the time we left the Discovery Science Center I was thoroughly exhausted. I did not understand why at first, looking back, I realized how much running around we did. It appears that DD is finally old enough to enjoy doing the different things at the center. Although she can't understand the science behind it all, she always has a great time when we visit. Our annual membership expires next month, seeing how much fun she has there, I think I will renew it for another year.


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