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June 22, 2009

Discovery Science Center

I made a flan last night and cut a piece of it for DH to take to work as a part of his lunch today. Not as pretty as the one that DH's mom made, and not as tasty either, but DH said it was great for my first try.
After DH left for work, I took DD to the Discovery Science center for some fun. It was pretty quiet there today, so DD was able to run around and try everything out.

The center is doing a robot display. DD loves roborts.

There were also games the kids can play, but DD was too young to understand what she needs to do.
I thought she would love the ant colony, but she was not very impressed.

She was, however, very impressed by the fake kitchen. As soon as she saw it, she ran right in and started making some lunch for me. It was adorable!

Mixing things around.

She sure looked like she knew her way around the kitchen.

After she was done with the kitchen, it was time for some gardening fun.

She remembered how we planted Rosemary in the pots, so she wanted to plant something too.

It was so cute to watch her planting her little tree.

It took her so long to bury the tree with bunch of fake rocks, but she was really enjoying it.

When that was all done, she decided it was time to fish.

Showing off her fishing pole.

She was so happy about catching the fish. Too cute!

We had a blast at the Discovery Science Center today. She did a lot more stuff there, but the battery in my camera died so I could not take any more photos. Oh, well, these is always next time.


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