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May 13, 2009

Wednesday Disneyland fun

We went to Disneyland today because DD had so much fun last week and I promised her that we would be going back again (plus, we will be blocked out for 2 months in the summer, so I want to take her there as often as possible before we are forced to take a long break from visiting Disneyland). When we got there, we took the train to get to the other end of the park.

If you can't tell where we were by her hat, look, DD was holding a Disneyland map. LOL! She held that the entire day.
Our first stop was Splash Mountain. We love going on Wednesdays because it is so quiet. When we got there, there was no one in line, so we got the whole ride to ourselves. This was the very first time DD did not have an adult in front of her to block her vision (when we come down Splash Mountain), she got scared and started crying a little. To be honest, her reaction sort of surprised me since she has been on it more than a handful of times now. Anyhow, she was ok after a couple of tears and she asked to ride it again (and of course, we rode it again).

After our rides on Splash Mountain, we visited Pooh.

DD loves Pooh. So cute!

The battery in my camera died after DD's visit with Pooh, so I could not take any more photos. But, we went on the Matterhorn today, and that was her first time ever on it. At the end of her first Matterhorn ride, she had a look of complete shock on her face. Her first words to me were," Mommy, I am scared." And then the next words were," Let's do it again!" ROFL!

All in all, we had a great day at Disneyland :).

Because we missed the sushi playdate at Debra's house today, I decided that I would make some sushi for DD tonight.

I brought this little sushi making tool from the Japanese supermarket earlier this week. I was not sure if it would work well, but considering that it was only $1.99, it was worth a try.

Wooohooo! A perfect roll. Needless to say, the tool works ;).

Dinner for DD.


Yum... yum...


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